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The oldest of two siblings, Ellee was raised on an acreage on the west edge of Sioux Falls. After graduating from West Central High School she continued her education at Morningside College in Sioux City, IA where she chose to pursue a major in mass communications and business administration with a minor in music. Ellee chose to marry and start her family early on in life and has been completing college classes between parenting and career obligations and anticipates attaining her BA in political science in 2016 and has aspirations of furthering her education beyond that.

Ellee's career began by working for her parents insurance agency where she learned the value of hard work from the time she was old enough to lick a stamp and stuff an envelope. She's put that inherited hard work ethic to good use and over the years has owned several small businesses ranging from a restaurant to a successful virtual assistance practice.

Ellee also has an acute need to be able to give back to the community and as such she recently spent roughly a year and a half at a shelter for poor and under-privileged persons in Sioux Falls where she assisted many people in their quest to find housing, substance abuse treatment, basic necessities as well as simply lending an ear to many who were simply distressed by their daily living situations. Motivated by this need to help others, she is currently working diligently on her next project that will help serve the hungry in Sioux Falls: a mobile soup kitchen that she hopes to have in full operation in late 2015.

In Ellee's very limited spare time she is an avid roller derby fan and has even attempted to play the sport until a head injury convinced her that perhaps she might be better served by participating behind the scenes and in the bleachers. Ellee is happily married to Steve and has four children, two grandchildren and excitedly anticipates two more grand-babies this summer.


Increase Teacher Pay

Education made America the greatest country on earth. As a mother and a grandmother I realize how necessary a quality education is for South Dakota children. In the global economy, they will have to compete for the high-paying jobs of the future against better students the world over. It is shameful that we are last in the nation in teacher pay. I would work diligently to ensure that funds allocated for education make their way into the classroom, where they will have the most impact.


Raise Minimum Wag...

South Dakotans spoke at the ballot box in November of 2014 and made it known that they wanted to raise the minimum wage in our state for all South Dakotans. Our current legislators and our governor thought that they knew better and passed legislation that allows businesses to pay those citizens in our state who are under the age of 18 a lower minimum wage. This arrogant action does not reflect the will of the voters and I will work diligently to ensure that all South Dakotans are treated equally, regardless of age.


Expand Medicaid

South Dakota’s Republican neighbors think that rejecting federal funds that help their people is foolish. Both North Dakota and Iowa take the subsidies to expand Medicaid. So does New Jersey. Even Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer chose helping people over partisanship. It’s time to EXPECT MORE from our leadership in Pierre.


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